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Barista problems: if you've spent time serving coffee, you'll know what we mean.

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volfendahl asked: I live in Norway and we have 2 Starbucks and one is in an airport, so alot of the coffee types name goes over my head. What is a frappecion?

A Frappuccino is a blended coffee or milk based beverage. 

"I’ll have a cappuccino."

"What size?"


"But what size?"



If you spill Frapp roast on your skin it kinda looks like you’re tan.

Behind the Barista


Hello all! This is a wonderful idea!

I am a student, a daughter, a friend, a sister, a niece, a granddaughter, a singer, a baker, a cook, a poet, a pianist, an actress, a painter, a reader, and yes, a barista. I sing in English, French, Spanish, Italian, Latin, German, Portuguese,and Russian. I…

Anonymous asked: To ughwtffml, a vanilla macchiato would just be espresso with vanilla and foam on top, not a latte. Maybe if you worked at a real coffee shop that isn't Starbucks, you'd know what a macchiato is..

Macchiato means marked in italian. Vanilla Macchiato aka vanilla marked. Or an espresso macchiato, aka espresso marked. At Starbucks, technically we make Latte Macchiatos, but add caramel, hazelnut, or vanilla to make some added sweetness. 

ughwtffml asked: So someone asked me for a vanilla macchiato, and I just said yes. Gave him a vanilla latte, because I couldn't handle stupidity at the moment.

……..we are coming out with the vanilla macchiato on the 4th…………….

I need some ideas!

I am the new coffee lead at my store and I am planning on getting everyone on the same level of coffee knowledge that I am at. How have you all learned about coffee at your stores? What have the shifts/management team done to help you understand the different coffees Starbucks offers? Some help would greatly be appreciated!

Anonymous asked: So I just started working at Starbucks, and haven't been home much, when my brother saw me for the first time in a week, he said,"did you fucking sell your soul to that mermaid?" I replied, "it's a Siren not a mermaid, dumbass."

The joy of smelling like coffee and disappointment. 

This one time a lady came in and ordered a “cappuccino frappuccino” from my shift supervisor. He explained to her that the drink doesn’t exist and then explained to her what a cappuccino is. She was insistent that someone from another store in our district made it for her the last time she was there. The thing is, MY SHIFT IS FROM THE OTHER STORE SHE MENTIONED and that it doesn’t exist there either. She then got all huffy and ordered a coffee frappuccino instead. SOME PEOPLE!