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Barista problems: if you've spent time serving coffee, you'll know what we mean.

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Anonymous asked: what's with the blended americano craze? I swear I've been making a ton of these. personally they're nasty.

At my store I have blended passion tea lemonade. I want to hit someone. 

  • Me: Hi there!
  • Customer: *holds up a finger and rolls eyes while on the phone*
  • Me:
  • Me:
  • Officer: So you're saying that she just choked on her coffee and died?
  • Me: Yes sir.

Anonymous asked: Burger King's motto is "Have It Your Way". Starbucks should be, "We'll Bend Over Backwards In Order To Please You".


It seems that way sometimes…

Anonymous asked: hello! firstly i'd like to say that reading your responses to most of the questions or submissions you get make me crack up, so thank you for the laughs! and secondly i have a question. i know not to order anything from the "secret menu" by name so is it okay if i were to show my barista the recipe for a drink i want on my itouch? i have really bad anxiety and just ordering coffee makes me really nervous especially if what i want is a tad bit long. so do you think that would be okay?

Oh yeah that would be fine!

Anonymous asked: Why is 'I need Starbucks' now the equivalent to 'I need coffee' now?

Because Starbucks is an amazing company just like any other coffee shop, but Starbucks just has more money.

Anonymous asked: If I go into Starbucks, and order something new, and I don't like it... I'm gonna fucking drink it anyways, because the barista spent their time making it. Suck it up, people.

We love you

californiacomplicated asked: I start working at starbucks on monday, and i'm nervous about learning all the different drinks and combos, is training hard/is remembering all the drinks hard? It's so daunting to me....

It’s quite simple actually. Don’t worry, practice will make you perfect!

sinoda asked: some girl walked in and ordered a grande syrup creme frappuccino and we asked her "Did you want any flavoring to that? and she replied with "with no syrups or anything" then when we wrote her cup she immediately followed up with "and then 2 pumps of toffee nut and 1 pump of caramel" and we all literally just stopped what we were doing just to look at her as if she was the stupidest person on earth. lord jesus steady my hand from leaping over that counter and ripping her spine out

Hahahahaha yesss

red3275 asked: Guy came in and stole our tip money. He was so dumb because he used to be a regular. I caught him doing it but he ran out to the car to his GF and they drove off. One of my baristas told me that he worked at an Ihop. So I tracked him down made him give me $20 (which is about what he took) and write an apology letter. You should have seen his face when I walked in his job, it look like he died standing up. Needless to stay don't steal from a Starbucks in Texas because we will find you...

Well damn