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Barista problems: if you've spent time serving coffee, you'll know what we mean.

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Guise! We should get as many signatures as possible. This is to allow partners to have visible tattoos during their scheduled shifts. It’s such an outdated policy. There’s also a #sbuxtattoos hashtag on Instagram, where you can proudly show off the ink you have to cover up. So either way, let’s come together and do this! Even if your not tattooed or even a partner, please sign it! It takes like two minutes tops.

  • Me: Here is your triple shot soy latte, enjoy!
  • Me: I will murder your family and play ouija board on your grave.

As baristas, we respond to your energy. It goes both ways. If you come into the shop with a smile, we’ll greet you with one too. If you’re sullen, we’ll subconsciously match your mood. If you’re acting like you’re on crack, our hands get shaky. We’re good at reading people, and we try our best to appeal to every customer that comes in. So whenever you think your barista is being a bitch, it’s probably because you are too.

—Confession #13 (via thebaristaconfessional)

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If you don’t find pleasure in a new spray head you’re a liar.

Customer: Can you get me that one *points in the direction of the pastry case*

I literally tell them “I don’t know what your pointing at”


everyone’s freaking out getting excited for pumpkin spice latte’s

and i’m over here working at starbucks like


Guys guys guys August 10th my store gets the 10 year remodel I am SO EXCITED its going to be amazing. Other than we are going to be in a trailer for like two weeks. Oh well.

Anyone have any crazy remodel stories?

Anonymous asked: what's with the blended americano craze? I swear I've been making a ton of these. personally they're nasty.

At my store I have blended passion tea lemonade. I want to hit someone. 

  • Me: Hi there!
  • Customer: *holds up a finger and rolls eyes while on the phone*
  • Me:
  • Me:
  • Officer: So you're saying that she just choked on her coffee and died?
  • Me: Yes sir.

Anonymous asked: Burger King's motto is "Have It Your Way". Starbucks should be, "We'll Bend Over Backwards In Order To Please You".


It seems that way sometimes…